Science Quest is written specifically for the National Profiles and Curriculum and Standards Framework.

written specifically for the Curriculum and Standards Framework II

interactive CD-ROM accompanies each textbook

stunning full-colour spreads to capture and hold student interest

updated Teacher Support Kit with CSFII curriculum guides, suggested answers, experiments hints, assessment sheets and Testmaker disk

contains clear yet detailed scientific information

integrates experiments to clearly illustrate the material being covered

uses real world examples of science in action to help students visualise the concepts covered in each section

contains graded activities in every spread to consolidate and extend the ideas presented in the text

Developer: Liquid Sky Pty. Ltd.
Client/Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd.

The Science and Maths Quest series are interactive, Educational CD's
that accompany text books for the secondary school curriculum in Australia.

Science Quest 1
interactive activity example-A balancing act (200k)

Science Quest 2
interactive activity example-The dinosaur sliding puzzle (1.2MB with audio)

Science Quest 3
interactive activity example-Getting to know the torch cell (300k)
interactive activity example-Play ECO snakes and ladders (1.0MB)

Science Quest 4
interactive activity example-Alien genes (150k)
interactive activity example-Jigsaw continents (300k)
interactive activity example-Mr and Mrs Pumpkin Head (400k)

Maths Quest 7
interactive activity example-Solitaire/Patience card game (100k)

Maths Quest 8

Navistar interactive video

Oxford University Press | Geography interactive
IWB Geography interactive

Oxford University Press | History interactive
IWB History interactive

Oxford University Press | Project Maker
Project Maker

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Interactive Atlas of Australia Educational CD
Interactive Atlas of Australia Educational CD

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Interactive Atlas fro Oxford University Press

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